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Word of the Day


Definition: (adjective) Having a sophisticated charm.
Synonyms: suave
Usage: Like other girls she had her dreams of a possible Prince Charming, young and handsome and debonair.
Article of the Day


Cigars, tightly rolled bundles of cured tobacco, were being smoked by the Mayans as early as the 10th century. Spanish travelers to the Americas brought cigars back to Spain in the 16th century, and their popularity then spread throughout Europe. The word cigar, therefore, derives from the Mayan word for tobacco. What did US President John F. Kennedy reportedly do immediately before imposing the Cuban trade embargo that, among other things, prohibits US residents from purchasing Cuban cigars? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Conjugating "Be" in the Subjunctive Mood

"Be" is the only verb that conjugates irregularly to reflect the subjunctive mood for wishes and desire. For that reason, "be" always conjugates to what form in the subjunctive mood? More...
Idiom of the Day

the mind's ear

The imaginative capability to create or recall sound within one's mind; the part of the mind that experiences imagined or recalled sound. (An allusion to the "mind's eye," which is likewise responsible for mental imagery.) More...

This Day in History

Gangster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel Murdered (1947)

Infamous gangster Bugsy Siegel began his criminal career extorting peddlers in New York City and soon graduated to bootlegging, gambling schemes, and contract killing. In 1937, he was sent to develop rackets on the West Coast, which he did with much success. In 1945, he began building the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Originally budgeted at $1.5 million, the cost was driven to $6 million due to his skimming, angering his mob bosses. Months after the opening, Siegel was killed by whom? More...
Today's Birthday

Chester Burton "Chet" Atkins, Mister Guitar (1924)

Atkins got his first guitar by making a trade with his brother, and it was arguably the best deal he ever made. Although he struggled with shyness and suffered from severe asthma—he had to sleep sitting up and often fell asleep still holding his guitar—he became an accomplished guitarist and went on to release several hit records, develop a signature line of guitars, and help create country music's "Nashville sound." What did "Mr. Guitar," as he came to be known, trade to get that first guitar? More...
Today's Holiday

Eritrean Martyrs' Day (2018)

Following its defeat of Ethiopian government forces in 1991 to establish national independence, Eritrea instituted an official holiday to pay tribute to those who died for the country's liberation. Many Eritreans observe Martyrs' Day by filing into mass mourning processions that conclude at the "Martyrs' Graveyards" located throughout the country. In 1997, the government opened the National Martyrs' Park outside the capital city, Asmara, and individuals arrive to pay their respects to the dead by finding names engraved on the National Martyrs' Monument. More...
Quote of the Day
Traveling is a fool's paradise. Our first journeys discover to us the indifference of places.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: stands

circumstance - Literally "that which stands around (something)." More...

cost - Something that costs a particular amount literally "stands at or with" that price, from Latin constare, "to be settled or fixed, stand at a price, cost." More...

stem - The stem of a tree is etymologically the upright part, the part that "stands" up, from its Germanic base sta-, "stand." More...

wing it - Comes from theatrical jargon, referring to the hurried study of lines by an understudy in the wings, or to the help given by a prompter who stands in the wings of a theater. More...

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