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Word of the Day


Definition: (verb) Make soiled, filthy, or dirty.
Synonyms: bemire, colly, dirty, soil
Usage: Mother warned me not to begrime my clothes while playing outside.
Article of the Day

Winged Cats

Since Henry David Thoreau first recorded the details of his encounter with a "winged cat" in 1842, there have been over 138 reported sightings of such creatures. Some explain the phenomenon as the result of improper grooming, which can lead cats to develop winglike mats of fur, but there are also a few medical conditions that can give cats a winged appearance. One is feline cutaneous asthenia, a skin deformity characterized by abnormal elasticity and stretching of the skin. What is the other? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Forming Plural Nouns

Plurals of nouns are used to indicate when there is more than one person, place, animal, or thing. The normal method for making nouns plural is to add an "-s" at the end of the noun. When do we add "-es" to render a noun plural? More...
Idiom of the Day

lower the bar

To lower the standards of quality that are expected of or required for something. More...

This Day in History

The Age of Kali Yuga Begins

In Hindu scripture, the age of Kali Yuga is the last of the four cyclic stages of the world and is currently ongoing. It is thought to have begun on the same day that Krishna left the Earth and is said to be marked by greed and murder. The scriptures predict that during Kali Yuga, unreasonable rulers will impose burdensome taxes and people will migrate to wheat-producing countries, become addicted to alcohol, and exhibit flexible morals. How long is the age expected to last? More...
Today's Birthday

Helen Gurley Brown (1922)

Propelled to fame by her 1962 bestseller Sex and the Single Girl, Brown became editor-in-chief of the struggling Cosmopolitan magazine. By directing the magazine toward single, young career women and by being an outspoken advocate of women's sexual freedom, she not only revived the publication but also played a part in the sexual revolution. By the end of her 32-year tenure with Cosmopolitan, the magazine ranked sixth at the newsstand but first in what other kind of store? More...
Today's Holiday

Nepal Democracy Day (2018)

Also known as Rashtriya Prajatantra Divas, this holiday commemorates the introduction of a democratic system of government in Nepal, which had been ruled by the Rana family since the mid-19th century. Two other national holidays in Nepal are Unity Day, January 11—celebrating the unification of the various principalities into one country more than 200 years ago—and Constitution Day, November 8—observing the adoption of a new Nepalese constitution in 1990. More...
Quote of the Day
Most men, even in this comparatively free country, through mere ignorance and mistake, are so occupied with the factitious cares and superfluously coarse labors of life that its finer fruits cannot be plucked by them.
Henry David Thoreau
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: splash

jaup, jawp - A jaup or jawp is the splash of liquid against a surface or the sound made by liquid sloshing around in a container. More...

jabble - Turbulence on the surface of water; to jabble is "to splash or splatter." More...

spritzer - From German, meaning "splash." More...

swab - As in "mop the decks," it is a back-formation from swabber, "sailor who mops the decks," from a Germanic base meaning "splash." More...

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