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Word of the Day


Definition: (noun) Powerful and effective language.
Synonyms: fluency, smoothness
Usage: The preacher's eloquence attracted a large congregation.
Article of the Day


Freeganism is an anti-consumerism lifestyle that grew out of the anti-globalization and environmentalist movements. Freegans, whose name is a combination of the words "free" and "vegan," embrace alternative strategies for living that oppose those of a society they believe is marked by materialism, greed, and waste. They often salvage unspoiled food discarded by supermarkets to limit their participation in the capitalist system. Some freegans consume non-vegan food as long as it is what? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

The Two Reciprocal Pronouns

The two reciprocal pronouns in English are "each other" and "one another." In more traditional grammar, "each other" is used to identify only two people who are engaged in the mutual action, while "one another" describes how many people? More...
Idiom of the Day

in the wild

In naturally occurring conditions or environments. More...

This Day in History

Slovenia National Day (1991)

Following WWI, Slovenia formed a federation with Serbia and Croatia that in 1929 became Yugoslavia. In 1991, Slovenia declared its independence from Yugoslavia on the same day as Croatia—after elections in 1990 showed that 88 percent of the people wished to secede. Yugoslavia immediately took military action, but the resulting Ten-Day War had few casualties, and the Slovenian victory solidified the new nation's independence. In 2008, Slovenia became the first post-communist country to do what? More...
Today's Birthday

Robert Henri (1865)

Henri was an American painter and teacher and a leading figure in the Ashcan school, a realist movement in American art best known for its scenes of ordinary city life. He studied in Paris and taught and worked in Philadelphia and New York. He rebelled against academic art and impressionism and encouraged his students to shun the formalization of style and view art as a medium through which to express life and humanity. What exhibition did he organize in New York in 1908 that became a sensation? More...
Today's Holiday

Idaho Regatta (2017)

This full-throttle event is held on the Snake River at Burley, Idaho. Burley's population of 9,000 is doubled for the regatta, which is a qualifying race for the American Power Boat Association Western Divisional Championship. A hundred speedboats in 11 inboard limited classes compete for a share of $35,000 in cash prizes—and a mink coat. The regatta has been held since the 1970s, and boats are entered from throughout the country. They include seven-liter, hydroplanes, super-stock, pro-stock, KRR flat-bottoms, Comp Jets, and stock hydros. More...
Quote of the Day
In many ways doth the full heart reveal
The presence of the love it would conceal.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: healing

balsam - First referred to an aromatic resinous substance with healing or soothing properties. More...

healing, curing - Healing is a process in which an organism's health is restored; curing is a method that promotes healing. More...

psychiatry - From Greek psykhe, "mind," and iatreia, "healing." More...

salve - The main semantic element is "healing," but the etymological meaning is "oily substance." More...

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